Recreational Pilot Permit – Aeroplane (RPPAE)

General Operating and Flight Rules

  • Airspace dimensions, classification and use

Aircraft Engine & Airframes

  • Use of carburettor heat and its effect on mixture

Theory of Flight

  • Stalling angle, level flight, climbing/descending, turns, spins

Navigation - General

  • Return to departure point (reciprocal track)

Radio Navigation

  • Altitude encoding Transponder

Meteorology – Theory

  • Pressure systems and their variations
  • Clouds – Associated precipitations and turbulence
  • Wind – Land and sea breezes
  • Frontal weather – Cold front
  • In-flight freezing rain – Effects, predicting, avoidance

Meteorology – Practical

  • Aviation forecasts – Times issued and validity periods

Aircraft Operations

  • Stalls, incipient spins, spinning

Human Factors

  • Illusion caused by rain on the windscreen and sloping runways
  • Toxic hazards – Carbon monoxide

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