Advanced study software allows you to learn the required essential knowledge to pass the Transport Canada Private Pilot (PPAER) written exam.

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Private Pilot & Recreational Pilot Written Exam Preparation Software - Digital Download - 2024 Updated Version

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Air Law - Essential Knowledge

Getting ready to write the Transport Canada Private Pilot License Exam?  Struggling with the Air Law section?  Don’t know what to memorize?

We’ve compiled the “need to know” Air law exam information from present and past Transport Canada private pilot exams and have broken it down into manageable components.

The interactive slideshow presentations contain the required essential information you will need to pass the Air Law section of the Transport Canada Private Pilot License Exam.

Once you have mastered the required knowledge your learning will be reinforced by completing the review sections.

Windows Only - Digital Download

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Transport Canada Private Pilot Exam Preparation Sample Questions - Ebook

This is the last step and the last book you will have to buy and study before you write your Transport Canada Private Pilot (PPAER) Written exam.

This e-book contains 899 multiple choice questions that will ensure you have covered every topic before you write the PPL written exam. This e-book will download as a pdf file - you will not require any additional readers.

Works on all operating systems - phones - tablets - desktops.


Navigation - Required Knowledge

This program is the easiest way to learn and pass the Navigation section of the Transport Canada Private Pilot Exam.

Includes slideshow presentations on navigation terms, use of computers, maps, charts, cross country exercise, aircraft performance, weight and balance.

This program contains all the required knowledge.

Learning reinforced with interactive Flashcard Review Sections and practice cross country exercise.

Windows Only - Digital Download

Written by pilots for pilots.

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PSTAR - Student Pilot and Air Regulations Exam – First Solo

Before you can go solo you must successfully pas the fifty question Transport Canada PSTAR exam.

Set aside a weekend or several evenings and this comprehensive interactive CD-ROM will have you writing and passing the PSTAR exam in no time.  This Software package contains:

Fourteen (14) PowerPoint Slideshows

Five hundred plus interactive slides

Three hundred plus Flashcards to learn the Phonetic Alphabet

Ten multiple choice practice PSTAR exams

Windows Only - Digital Download

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Required Knowledge - Aviation Weather PPL

Struggling with aviation weather.

Try this innovative flashcard program to prepare for your Private Pilot written exam.

Covers everything to need to ace the weather section of the Transport Canada Pilot (PPAER)
and the Transport Canada Recreational Pilot Permit.

This flashcard program is also a great review for all pilots.

Runs on all platforms - Windows - Apple - Android



Learning has never been easier. 

This comprehensive bundle of flash/study cards has all the
questions you need to know to pass the Canadian Private Pilot written exam.

Answer the questions by simply flipping the card and reviewing the correct answer on the other side.

Five hundred questions covering:

  • Navigation
  • Air Law
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft Engines
  • Aero Medical
  • RWY and Airport Operations
  • Airspace
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Performance, Weight & Balance

Runs on all platforms - Windows - Apple - Android


Smart Learning Systems For the Canadian Private Pilot

Whether you like to learn watching a presentation, reading a book or watching a slide presentation we have a system of learning for everyone.

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