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Private Pilot & Recreational Pilot Written Exam Preparation Software

This comprehensive software quiz program contains over 1200 questions covering the required ground subjects for the Transport Canada Private pilot written examination (PPAER) for aeroplanes, the Transport Canada Recreational Pilot Permit written (RPPAE) for aeroplanes, and the Student Pilot and Air Regulations exam (PSTAR). Each area of study is divided into easy to manage chapters that makes studying a breeze. We’ve added two printable workbooks to help you with Aircraft Weight & Balance and Performance. 

Correct or incorrect answers are automatically displayed and percentages are calculated upon completion. More than 1200 questions covering weather, navigation, air law, CAR’s, airmanship and more. Bonus Learn the Phonetic Alphabet using the Flashcard Quiz. Bonus! Become an expert at acronyms and Transport Canada abbreviations using the 300+ Flashcard Program. Bonus! Printable Weight & Balance Handbook/Workbook for the Private Pilot. Bonus! Printable Aircraft Performance Handbook/Workbook for the Private Pilot. 

MicroSoft Windows



PSTAR - Student Pilot and Air Regulations Exam – First Solo

Want to learn to fly but overwhelmed with everything youhave to know. Don’t know where to start or what to study first!

Before you can go solo you must successfully pass the fiftyquestion Transport Canada PSTAR exam. The flying part is easy but learning allthe rules and regulations can take up a considerable amount of time.

Set aside a weekend or several evenings and this comprehensive interactive CD-ROM will have you writing your PSTAR exam in no time.  


 This CD-ROM contains:                                                      

     14 PowerPointSlideshow Presentations                                                         

                                  500+ Interactive Slides                                                    

                                                          300+ Flashcards to Learn the Phonetic Alphabet/Acronyms/Abbreviations                                                 

                                    10 Practise PSTAR Exams                                                     

                              Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7                                                 

This Windows based CD contains everything you will need topass your PSTAR exam in just one weekend.


 Fly More – Study Less!


Air Law - Essential Knowledge Software

Getting ready to write the Transport Canada Private Pilot Licence Exam?  Struggling with the Air Law section?  Don’t know what to memorize?

We’ve compiled the “need to know” Air law exam information from present and past Transport Canada private pilot exams and have broken it down into manageable components.

The interactive slideshow presentations contain the required essential information you will need to pass the Air Law section of the Transport Canada Private Pilot Licence Exam.

Once you have mastered the required knowledge your learning will be reinforced by completing the review sections.

This is the easiest way to study Air Law in the shortest amount of time.                              



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Navigation - Essential Knowledge Software

This program is the easiest way to learn and pass the Navigation section of the Transport Canada Private Pilot Exam.

Includes slideshow presentations on navigation terms, use of computers, maps, charts, cross country exercise, aircraft performance, weight and balance.

The CD covers all the required knowledge.

Learning reinforced with interactive Flashcard Review Sections and practice cross country exercise.

Written by pilots for pilots.


Fly More - Study Less!

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